Bedok HDB apartments for assisted living available in Dec 23

Each assisted-living flat is about 32 square metres, and will be equipped with senior-friendly fittings, such as grab bars, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms with slip-resistant flooring, and wide wheelchair-friendly main doors.

Open layouts that allow space to be separated and customised with sliding partitions are also included in the flats. Also, a kitchen is finished and comes with cabinets and built-in furniture.

Residents will receive a basic service plan that includes such essentials as 24 hour emergency monitoring and health checks. Other services available at extra cost include daycare services, laundry and meals.

Residents can also access social, health and wellness services as part of the basic service package.

In December, Singaporean seniors can buy 250 community-care apartment units in Bedok.

The Community Care Apartments Project, which integrates senior friendly housing with on-site care and social activities, is the Third of its Kind. Two projects of this kind were launched, one in Bukit Bhatok in 2021 and the other in Queensway 2022.

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The 250 flats that are designated for assisted-living are a small part of Chaichee Green Build To Order (BTO), which includes 1,234 flats. The project is offering three-room, 4-room and 5-room flats in order to foster inclusivity, community interaction, and intergenerational connection.

If we find that the model of care is scalable and effective then we will launch up to thirty community care apartments across Singapore in different locations by 2030.

The waiting period for flats ranges between three and a half years and three and a half months and three and a seven-months.

The basic service package and the flat cost make up the total price. While the flat fee must be paid up front, residents have the option of two payment plans. They can pay S$175 or S$185 a month along with an upfront deposit for a year, or they can pay S$6,300, S$7,000, every three-years.

In the project, seniors can easily access the nearby communal and social facilities such as the eating house, and the residents’ network center.

To be eligible for a community-care apartment, the applicant must also have a spouse who is at least 65. They can choose between a 15-year to 35-year lease, which covers them up until 95 years of age.

The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday 8am-5pm (excluding weekends and public holiday) and features 3D-models of the apartment and assisted-living block, as also as a mockup for the communal space, and a showcase of the apartment. Visitors can also find out more about eligibility and the service packages.

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